Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Apologies + listening

Firstly, apologies for my slackness in continuing to post on this blog: things have been pretty busy lately. Largely with me editing an interview I did with Elliott Dalgleish for the 3rd edition of Extempore.
In the meantime, here are some things I've been checking out lately (some from the questionnaires and some not).

Aki Takahashi & Kronos Quartet playing Feldman's Quartet for Piano and String Quartet
Pierre Laurent-Aimard playing Ligeti piano Etudes
Ligeti's Piano Concerto and Violin Concerto, from the "Clear of Cloudy" box-set, well worth checking out
Elliott Carter's Double Concerto for Piano and Harpsichord
Meshuggah: "Chaosphere" and "Nothing"
Musica Antiqua Köln & Reinhard Goebel playing J.S. Bach's "Musical Offering"
Thelonious Monk "Genius of Modern Music Vol. 1 & 2"
Little Feat "Dixie Chicken"

'til next time

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