Thursday, January 7, 2010


Rather than write a 'best of 2009' blog like everyone else seems to around this time, I'm going to use this opportunity to talk about my plans for the next few years, namely in my development as a musician.
I love playing and listening to many different kinds of jazz/improvised music (Jazz from here-on in). Some of them I can come back to again and again, in both playing and listening. Some I need only a small fix. My point is, there are very few, comparatively, that I can come back to over and over again and never be sick of. This is by far more true of the jazz made in the last 20 years or so. I don't see this as a negative thing, as a slight on the music that has been made during this time, all it means to me is that I need to fill that void for myself. I need to create that music that I want to hear, to come back to over and over.
This music is rhythmic, it deals with phrases, it deals with texture in a polyphonic way.
It is not completely improvised (if that is even possible), but is based on a developed language amongst the band members, and hopefully, a whole community of players. It will probably have an element of formal composition, but these compositions will rarely dictate an entire, maybe not even the majority, of a piece. They are points of departure, that are not so contrived that they seem sonically separate from the act of spontaneous group composition. In fact, these compositions should be created using the exact same tools we use for improvising.
Lofty ideals maybe, but what else can I have when trying to create the music I want to hear?

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