Saturday, January 8, 2011

Speed Pt. 2

Here's a video of me demonstrating something I'm working on at the moment.

It follows on from this notion of "speed" I've been investigating for the last little while. My last post on this subject discussed polyrhythms expressed as ratios. This time, it's about moving between divisions of the beat to give a sense of speeding up/slowing down.

Initially I was planning on notating a bunch of figures and showing how they could put into different divisions, but I've recently been practising Ligeti's etude, 'Fem,' and using it as a vehicle to practice in beat divisions from 3 through to 9.

The excerpt I play in the above video is bars 25 to 30.

A similar thing happens in Scott Tinkler's 'Going Down'

Those are quaver triplets at the start, to give a sense of where the crotchet is......

Have fun.....


  1. Nice clips, and it's wonderful to discover Scott Tinkler at the same time. I've read much but heard little, certainly should be checking this (him) out. Any recommendations?

    I notice you have 'Speed Pt2' marked down, where's Speed Pt1 please, or was that in the Elliot Carter posts?

    Great blog, and all the best in 2011 - Joe

  2. HI Joe,

    The first post is from January, 2010:

    As far as Tinkler goes, good records to possibly start with are:

    Live at Bennetts Lane
    Sofa King
    Dance of Delulian

    Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying it.