Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update . . .

This Friday you can here my rave with ABC's Gerry Koster while we go through six of my favourite recordings:

Check it out here

Also, I live in New York City now. I'll be beginning a PhD at Columbia University in Music Theory in about a fortnight. More thoughts soon.

Right before I left I was awarded the Music Council of Australia's Freedman Fellowship. I'll be using the money to perform and record with Scott Tinkler, Tom Rainey and Ellery Eskelin. Ellery's blog is really worth checking out.

Currently listening to Steve Lacy's "Rushes" w/ Irene Aebi and Frederic Rzewski. Rzewski is something of a revelation for me; a fascinating improviser. I listen more before I say anything. I found out about this record from this post on Ethan Iverson's blog, "Do The Math."

After being singled out in Ethan's blog as "an interesting pianist" (I'm not sure if that's a complement or not) who didn't know Carolina Shout (who doesn't have holes in their listening?!), I'm interested to see if I can catch one of his masterclasses. Since the 2008 Banff workshop I've learnt some James P., and even more Jelly Roll, and been working on my two-handed piano playing . . . I hope I can play for him sometime.

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