Monday, May 12, 2014

Just quickly . . .

Just a quick note to say that if you're in the New York area and interested in lessons I'm available.

You can contact me in the comments to this post, or through this link.

Music Composition Instruction

Also, I have plans to write a lengthy post this summer detailing the process I go through writing and practicing my music. Hopefully it will be instructive and give everyone who reads it an insight into my compositional and practice process.

Finally, I'm happy to say the recording I made with Scott Tinkler, Ellery Eskelin and Tom Rainey is on track to get mixed and mastered. I'm extremely happy with how it came out; everyone played great, so I can't wait to get it released so you all can hear it.

P.S. If you didn't get down to hear Tony Malaby's trio with Nasheet Waits and William Parker last night you really missed out! I credit that trio for my great day of practice and work today...