Monday, June 8, 2009 6

Here's Sean Wayland

1. Favorite/particularly interesting jazz album?

Allan Holdsworth " flat tire"

2. Favorite/particularly interesting 'world' recording?

Exotic Voices and Rhythms of the South Seas
David Fanshawe
love the stuff from the "cook island"

3. Favorite/particularly interesting classical recording/piece?
Brahm's 3rd symhpony

4. Name a Jazz recording you're mad about but not many other people
would know.

Dred Scott : Christmas CD

5. Name a (genre other than jazz or jazz) record you're mad about
but no one would've thought you'd be into.

Xanadu Soundtrack

6. Give me 3 of your favorite Australian Jazz recordings.

6 by 3 ( grabowsky )
Wizards of OZ
Ondas ( Mike Nock )

7. Most underrated Australian Jazz player?

Mark Fitzgibbon

8. Most underrated non-Australian Jazz player?

Tim Miller guitarist

9. Name a gig (or two or three) you saw in Australia that really
stays with you....

Midnight Oil live on many occasions
Jan Rutherford performing "Infant Eyes" at Wangaratta Piano competition solo piano

10. Favorite book(s) on music?

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