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Elliott Dalgleish:

1. Favourite/particularly interesting jazz album?

Louis Armstrong: The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings

2. Favourite/particularly interesting 'world' recording?

Albert Ayler: Holy Ghost 9 CD Spirit Box Set (1962-70)

3. Favourite/particularly interesting classical recording/piece?

Elliott Carter: String Quartets No.1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

4. Name a Jazz recording you're mad about but not many other people would know

I don’t understand the question. I have no idea what other people know or for that matter don’t know.

However, I enjoy listening to Eric Dolphy: The Complete Prestige and Blue Note Recordings

5. Name a (genre other than jazz or jazz) record you're mad about but no one would've thought you'd be into

I don’t understand the question. I have no idea what other people think I might or might not be into.

However, I presently enjoy listening to Colon Nancarrow: The Complete Studies for Player Piano and George Crumb’s Madrigals Book I-IV

6. Give me 3 of your favourite Australian Jazz recordings

Had a good time playing with Misha Mengelberg at Wang. 06 as a duet
Liked Gary and Allan’s interplay on 6 x 3
Enjoyed John Rodgers and Anthony Burr’s playing on the track Horseshit

7. Most underrated Australian Jazz player?

Choose one?! There are many unrecognised and unsupported players that have been side- lined over the years by the arts community. It is not for me to categorize them.

8. Most underrated non-Australian Jazz player?

Try anyone who isn’t considered consumable.

9. Name a gig (or two or three) you saw in Australia that really stays with you...

For me it is not a matter of seeing someone play. I rehearse and play weekly with talented players in the local Brisbane community. That inspiration is direct and ongoing in my life.

10. Favourite book(s) on music?

Here are a few of many.....

• Acquisition of Absolute Pitch: Complete Treatise in Five Volumes by Julien Falk
• Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music by Frank Kofsky
• Saying Something: Jazz Improvisation and Interaction by Ingrid Monson
• The Computer Music Tutorial by Curtis Roads
• The Bartok Companion by Malcolm Gilles
• Formalised Music by Iannis Xenakis
• The Works of John Coltrane (complete transcriptions) by Andrew White
• Genesis of Music by Harry Partch
• Brian Ferneyhough Collected Writings by J Boros & R Toop
• Silence by John Cage
• Notations by John Cage
• Elliott Carter Harmony Book by Elliott Carter, Edited by N Hopkins and J Link
• Twentieth-Century Harmony by Vincent Persichetti
• As Serious As Your Life by Valerie Wilmer

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